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3 Simple Things Microsoft Could do to Improve Power BI

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

A decent part of my work is dealing with Data Quality KPIs so a lot of heatmaps, gauges, and color-coding in my reports to show pain points and weak spots and improvements.

My latest project was to create a rather straight forward request for HR data quality dashboard. Contains 18 basic checks for employees master data grouped by business country and responsible. Thresholds are the same for all checks. Not going into details here are three simple adjustments that I would love to see improved in Microsoft product.

PowerBi dashboard for Data Quality Analytics

1. Matrix Batch conditional formatting - I used a matrix to create a heatmap of 18 Data Quality Checks. The struggle was that I have to go column by column with conditional formatting. It makes sense to make it available to be done in batch.

2. Gauge format painter with changing field - similar to above Page with 18 gauge Charts. Although you can use format painter but this is even more confusing cause if you do your newly formatted gauge will you field from previous one for color.

3. Batch adding of users to RSL - last and biggest pain was setting up RSL. In power BI service you can't just paste in a list of emails you have to put in one by one. Missing this is painful if you don`t have admin privileges with the ability to create a security group.

Would love to see this change or maybe there are workaround I`m not aware of


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