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Data Governance vs. Data Management

Data is a valuable asset for organizations. In order to leverage it needs to be effectively governed and managed.

Within the DAMA framework, DG is a centralized piece of data management.

There is still a lot of misinterpretation between those two terms so here is the difference overview :

Data Governance

Data Management

What is

​Activity that increases the business value of data being used as an asset without compromising its security, integrity, or privacy

​Processes and tools to support data consumption by following the data governance guidelines

Focus and Objectives

Making sure data is managed in the right way

Using data to achieve business goals


Data Stewards Data Owners business managers and business stakeholders

Data Engineer Data administrator BI developers

Who owns it



In a simple way, data governance establishes policies and procedures around data. In contrast, data management brings those policies and procedures to life, and uses that data for decision-making.

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